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Looking for Music Lessons?

Look no further than Ray Daniels House of Music. We have been proudly serving the Metropolitan Detroit area for more than 30 years with Piano, Organ, and Keyboard Lessons. Our specialty is Gospel Music, teaching thousands of people over the years to play using our innovative ABC Method of Learning.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us for your Lessons

Learning to play the Organ, Piano, or Keyboard can be easy and fun! There are several websites and many more "in home" tutors and instructors available but check out 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ray Daniels House of Music for your Music Lessons.

The ABC Method Of Learning

Reading notes on a music staff or deciphering elaborate chord charts can be a strenuous task for an accomplished Musician, let alone a beginner who wishes to learn how to play Gospel Music. If you want an easier way to learn to play Gospel music or if you just don’t have the time or skills to learn to read Music, try our ABC Method of learning the Organ, Piano, and Drums by ear.  Our ABC Method of learning is as easy as 1 2 3, and will make your musical learning experience fun and enjoyable. Click here to learn more about our ABC Method of Learning.

Sample a Free Music Lesson & view a Video Tutorial

The ABC Method of Learning is very easy to master, but don't take our word for it, Download a FREE sample Lesson and try it for yourself. You can also view a Video Tutorial of the ABC Method of Learning right here on our website.

Ray Daniels Musician Referral Service

Many of our former Students have become Professional Musicians actively working in the Metro Detroit Area. We also know many of the Best Musicians in the Metro Detroit area. If you need a Musician for your Church, Band, School, or other event, please feel free to contact Ray Daniels House of Music about our Musician Referral Service. We can connect you with the right Professional Musician to make your event, function or service a success. (Click Here for More Info)

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