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A Message from Our Founder

About The Music School & Founder

My name is Ray Daniels. I am the founder and President of Ray Daniels House of Music. Over the last 30 years or more I have literally taught thousands of people how to play the Organ, Piano, and keyboard the easy way. I have accomplished this by teaching our ABC method of Gospel Ear Training. I have also taught students how to read music on a grade level basis combined with theory. I have also taught students how to read chord charts and how to score their own music

Family Owned & Christ Operated

Ray Daniels House of Music is family owned and Christ operated. We affirm the passage of scripture that states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". That means I can learn how to play the Organ, and Piano, if I really want to. .

My Background in Music

Ray Daniels has studied Classical, Gospel and Jazz music for years. He is a graduate of Wayne State University. He has worked with such Gospel luminaries as Mahalia Jackson, Rev James Cleveland, Lucillie Lemon Gospel Singers and Inez Andrew formerly of the Gospel Caravans. I have taught some of the finest Gospel Musicians in Detroit and Wayne County area.

Ray & Mahailia Jackson
Ray, James Cleveland, & Glenn

Ray & Mahalia Jackson

Ray, Rev James Cleveland, Glenn

Learn to Play the Easy Way

God himself has showed me an easy simple method of teaching people how to play Gospel music by ear.  I have devised this method for those who don’t wish to read music or for those who don’t have time to learn how to read. Since starting my music school many of my students have since gone on to play in churches, bands, community choirs and teach music in public and private schools. Some of them are playing for famous Gospel and secular recording artists and have also appeared in motion pictures.

The ABC Method of Learning

My Friend… it’s just like anything else that you learned how to do. You learned how to walk once, and now you can walk and run wherever you want to. You learned how to talk, and now you can organize your words into different patterns to relay your thoughts to other people. Now you will learn how to play chord patterns to create different songs the same way. (The ABC Method) If you let me I can show you step by step how to play any song by ear. These are not difficult rules or complicated techniques; they have been used by musicians for generations after generations. Although these techniques might not have been explained in the sequential steps by others, I am going to show you step by step.  I will teach you how to quickly and easily transpose Gospel chords instantly in your head. I am blessed and humbled to share this gift of teaching Gospel music all over the world. My Mission is to increase the Kingdom of God by ministering in music. We aimed to teach individuals, young and old, Preachers, Deacons, Missionaries and anyone who wants to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

 Let us bring out the melody in you!    

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Ray Daniels, President

A Message from
Our Founder

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